An Intelligence Test I Failed – Or Did I?


F. Scott Fitzgerald’s test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold “two opposed ideas” at the same time—and remain sane… Is this an intelligence test?

I think we’ve all been there, although some of us have found retaining our sanity in this situation a lot more difficult than others!

Fitzgerald – test of intelligence

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An Ethics Question For The Ages…

[This is an updated version of an earlier blog we published]

Why do some folks act unethically?

For me, this is “the-ethics-question-for-the-ages“:

“Just why do people act ethically in some situations, but those same people act unethically in other situations?”

I hate to disappoint you, but the answer ain’t at all clear to me…

Sure, I have some thoughts that I’ll share with you, but if you feel you must excoriate me for not knowing what I’m talking about, go right ahead. After all, who am I to deprive you of a little joy?  🙂

Despite not having a clear answer myself, though, I still find myself asking the question whenever I can.

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The Ethics Test That Many Failed…

How would you do?

For all of your past sins, I thought I’d punish you again with an irresistible ethics test! This is the same test that I published earlier, but I figured I’d give you another shot at passing it…  🙂

Don't be a bystander

The good news is that, if you take it, I promise you’ll pass it with absolute ease. All you’ll need is a moral compass and a pinch of courage to follow it. I’m sure you have both, but, if you don’t, I think we should definitely talk…. Continue reading The Ethics Test That Many Failed…