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Re-launching Our Site And Program…

A message from Michael Friedlander…

Michael Friedlander
 Michael Friedlander, the founder of The-Gift-Tree

Hi All,

I thought I’d briefly explain some of the changes we’ve made to our site and program…

But why make any changes? Well, why not? 🙂

We’ve recently received such an outpouring of support that I thought now might be time for us to move forward to the next step.

Nothing’s really changed — too much!

Our site now has a slightly new “look.” And while our content has a little more focus on video, our mission and goal has remained unchanged —

“Through the magic of storytelling, our mission and goal is to make a difference for the better in the lives of those we touch…”

As we move forward, we continue to believe in this John F. Kennedy’s timeless truth—

John F. Kennedy: We can – and we should!
John F. Kennedy: We can make a difference – and we should!

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