“The Gift of a Gift” – A Video Story About Networking

Some profound advice…

Once upon a time, many years ago—when I was much younger and, believe it or not, far better looking than I am now, I was offered some advice from a very fancy New York attorney. He told me the advice he would be offering me would be the best networking advice I’d ever received. “Yeah,” I thought…

It turned out that his advice was indeed terrific. And, remarkably, it was advice that, more than 30 years later, has really stood the test of time.

This was advice about business and beyond. It was advice about networking, leadership, dating and general people-skills.

So, as a gesture of either goodwill or mean-spirited punishment, I thought I might share this brief video with you.

If you can get over my abrasive video personality, I hope you might find the advice mildly useful. The good news that the video is short. The bad news is that there are more videos on the way…

Anyway, please enjoy!

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