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Our Advisory Board…

Steve Linde

Steve Linde
                Steve Linde

Steve is a co-founder of The-Gift-Tree program. He provides advice regarding our program’s direction and strategic relationships.

Now living in Israel, Steve is a South African-born journalist who was the Editor-In-Chief of The Jerusalem Post. In that role, he has interviewed many of the world’s most well-known political, business, social and military leaders. He still works at The Jerusalem Post as Features Editor.

His main claim to fame is that he is Michael Friedlander’s cousin.

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 Roy H. Adams, Jr. Ph.D.

Roy Adams, Jr. Ph.D
Roy Adams, Jr. Ph.D. Colonel (Ret), US Army

As part of the foundation’s Advisory Board, Roy provides advice and guidance on our program’s Veteran’s Outreach Program.

Now living in Huntsville, Alabama, he was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Upon graduating from the University of Alabama, he entered the Army as a 2d Lieutenant of Infantry.  After 30 years service, he retired as a Colonel. He then worked in the defense industry for 15 years.

Roy served on senior U.S. Army staffs as an operations officer and commanded a battalion of over 800 men. His combat tours include Vietnam and Desert Storm.  He received The Defense Superior Service Medal, the U.S. Army Legion of Merit, and the Bronze Star medal for valor.

Roy’s final Army assignment was as the Chief, Joint United States Military Assistance Group (JUSMAG)-Philippine.

During a five-year break in Army service, Roy served as a senior staff member for a U.S. Senator Jeremiah Denton, R-AL, where he was responsible for coordination between the Senator’s staff and Department of Defense Agencies. Senator Denton was a POW in Vietnam for 7 years and 7 months with four years in solitary confinement. He was the first American POW off the airplane at Clark AFB in The Philippines.

Roy is particularly sensitive to the sacrifices made by veterans’ families. His son is a retired Army officer and his daughter is married to an Army officer stationed in Japan. Roy’s wife, Amy, is now a veteran of five combat tours—two by Roy; one by her son and two by her son-in-law.

Currently, Roy is an Adjunct Professor teaching in an MBA program with Southern New Hampshire University and teaching in a Master of Public Administration program at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He serves on the advisory board of a Canadian Defence Company.

Mark Lovett

Mark Lovett
               Mark Lovett

As part of The-Gift-Tree Foundation’s Advisory Board, Mark provides advice for developing our strategic relationships with sponsors and foundations and also offers his insights into storytellers and their stories.

Based in San Diego, Mark is the organizer and chief architect for TEDxSan Diego, supporting “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Despite his obvious youth, he has over thirty years experience in various executive positions relating to operations, information systems, marketing and corporate management within the high-tech electronics industry.

His main claim to fame is that, again, like some of the others, despite knowing Michael Friedlander, he has also still agreed to be a part of our program…

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