Re-launching Our Site And Program…

A message from Michael Friedlander…

Michael Friedlander
 Michael Friedlander, the founder of The-Gift-Tree

Hi All,

I thought I’d briefly explain some of the changes we’ve made to our site and program…

But why make any changes? Well, why not? 🙂

We’ve recently received such an outpouring of support that I thought now might be time for us to move forward to the next step.

Nothing’s really changed — too much!

Our site now has a slightly new “look.” And while our content has a little more focus on video, our mission and goal has remained unchanged —

“Through the magic of storytelling, our mission and goal is to make a difference for the better in the lives of those we touch…”

As we move forward, we continue to believe in this John F. Kennedy’s timeless truth—

John F. Kennedy: We can – and we should!
John F. Kennedy: We can make a difference – and we should!

We also continue to follow Nelson Mandela’s belief that it’s in our hands to make that difference —

Nelson Mandela: Making A Difference...
Nelson Mandela: It is in our hands to make a difference…

And then there’s that African proverb that points out that we shouldn’t ever think we’re too small to make a difference —

Finally, as you’ll notice from this hopefully light-hearted video introduction to the program, very little has changed substantively.

What has changed…

A major change in our structure is that we’ve decided to run our program through a non-profit foundation, The-Gift-Tree Foundation…

Up until now, for my past sins, I’ve personally self-funded the entire program. I’ve personally created both the website and almost all of the content. Now, to move the project forward globally to the next levels  and for my own survival, I’ve decided that it’s time to get some help!

Through the foundation, we now plan to take the program to the next levels. For example, we will need to fund further website development and be able to hire audeo and video producers and engineers. We will also need to fund out ambitious global marketing plan that will both grow our community and attract the best storytellers.

In particular, I’m hoping for support from private philanthropists and from those public and non-profit organizations who share our goal of making a difference for the better in the lives of those we touch.

As for the program’s content, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve decided we should focus more on video storytelling and an accompanying audio program in which hosts would interview our storytellers and chat with them about the gifts the storytellers had just shared in their stories…

Steve Linde, Chairman of The-Gift-Tree Advisory Board
Steve Linde, Chairman of The-Gift-Tree Advisory Board

Finally, I’ve created both a Management Team and an Advisory Board to help plot our path and get us to our chosen destination.

I’m thrilled at the diversity of our Board and the quality of those who have agreed to come aboard.

I’m particularly thrilled that Steve Linde has agreed to chair our Advisory Board. Steve is the former Editor-In-Chief of The Jerusalem Post.

What hasn’t changed…

Thankfully, some things don’t change:

I’m still hoping you’ll join our community and that you’ll share our stories with friends, families, lovers, ex-lovers and strangers. 

So, that’s it for my message for now. Stay tuned for more!  🙂

Be well!