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“Advice Hiding In ‘Plane’ Sight”—About Enthusiastic Leadership…

“Enthusiasm is the greatest asset you can possess,
for it can take you further than money, power, or influence.”

Dada Vaswani

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Flying and business transitions…

Every summer, I try to make a trip across the pond. Last month, I was fortunate to return to Switzerland and hike the Engadine Valley. I love to travel, although I have to admit there are three stages of flying that I am not particularly fond of — take-offs, turbulence, and landings.

Over the years, I’ve likened these three stages of flying to transitions within an organization. For example—

  • Taking off is the stage when a newcomer to the organization comes on board to lead a team—or when a new product is introduced.
  • Turbulence represents the rockiness an organization experiences that comes with transitions and change, like the first 90 days.
  • Landing represents a moment of truth when the organization has to face whether or not it has any staying power—or whether another change may be needed.


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